Fans of the LSU Tigers certainly wouldn't have any trouble believing that Joe Burrow could also be a power hitter in Major League Baseball. Tiger fans watched Burrow and his Tiger teammates "knocked it out of the park" during the Tigers' national championship run a few years back, and learned quickly with Burrow, nothing, at least nothing athletically seems impossible.

Sports Rewind Digital via YouTube
Sports Rewind Digital via YouTube

Joe and several of his Cincinnati Bengals teammates made a surprise visit to the Great American Ballpark on Wednesday. They were there to support and watch the Cincinnati Reds play a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. And, while the football fellows were standing around before the game, Joe stepped up to the plate and took a few swings at batting practice.

Okay, it was batting practice but still, that's a mighty long ride that Joe gave that ball. And to knock four out of the park with actual big-leaguers standing around watching is pretty impressive too.

You've probably guessed that this wasn't Burrow's first time putting a bat in his hands. He played baseball up until his high school years. He was a shortstop and he played pitcher too. I would imagine with an arm like Burrow's he'd probably be a pretty good pitcher too.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Kevin C. Cox

But he gave up baseball to focus on football in high school. From there he went to Ohio State, where they don't recognize football talent, and eventually transferred to LSU where he and the Tigers put together maybe the most impressive college football season of the century so far.

So far the only "negatives" we can find about Burrow's trip to the ballpark is this comparison between him and Gary Busey, which must be the headband.

Meanwhile, if you want to watch Joe play football you're going to have to wait a few months. But, if baseball is your game Joe's LSU Tigers will be in action against the Kentucky Wildcats in the Super Regional Round of the NCAA Baseball tournament. Play in that Super Regional begins Saturday at 2 pm.

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