In honor of 3:16 day (a day celebrating the best sports entertainer that ever lived), we have to talk about one of the Texas Rattlesnake's best promos...and it was done at the CAJUNDOME.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the most badass superstar to ever lace up the boots in the WWE. He caused chaos and definitely didn't like authority or being told what to do.

Monday Night RAW came to the CAJUNDOME one day in the 90s, a.k.a the Attitude Era, and he was on FIRE. He said he had too much to drink and eat here in Cajun country...and it spiraled from there, in the best way.

Watch Below to see Stone Cold Steve Austin's Cajun filled promo. Skip to 4:55.

Lafayette has always been a hot spot for Monday Night Raw and Smackdown moments. Some crazy and historic things have happened at the CAJUNDOME when it comes to WWE.


I've done the hard work of gathering some of the best CAJUNDOME moments when it comes to WWE. You're welcome.

The Rock Introduces the New WWE Championship Belt (2013)

Of all places in the world, the WWE chose Lafayette to be the place to introduce the new WWE championship belt with the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, THE ROCK!

I was actually in the audience for this, and it was SO much fun to see him for the first time. He is the definition of entertainment.

RAW Goes On Strike featuring Triple H, John Cena, CM Punk and Sheamus (2011)

Another storyline that was executed perfectly here in Lafayette was when CK Punk and Triple H came face-to-face in the ring.

I was, and still am, a CM Punk girl, and he blew me a kiss because I was sitting ringside. I'll never forget it. It was equal parts comedy and ridiculousness.

Triple H Riles Up the Crowd by Insulting Lafayette

You can probably tell by the video quality that this was in the 90s. Triple H is a very good bad guy.

He knows how to push those buttons, and he did just that by calling Lafayette a "hole in the wall, piece of crap" town. Well, he definitely had the attention of the crowd with that one.

Whether or not you celebrate, it's a day to stomp some mudholes and walk 'em dry. Happy 3:16 Day --  I'm going to leave you with the exact moment that Austin 3:16 was born, and I have to warn's legendary.

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