Body Count vocalist Ice-T and legendary WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin have teamed up for the coolest commercial of year, because the internet always gets what it wants.

Harnessing the chill energy of two sub-zero icons, Tide got Ice-T and Stone Cold together to get the word out on washing clothes in cold water. In a comedic segment dubbed Cold Callers, Ice-T and Stone Cold educate callers on how they can save $100 a year on their energy bill and help the environment by cold washing their clothes.

The dynamic duo take turns on the phone, with Austin delivering two of his classic lines — “What?” and “Because Stone Cold said so.” Watch the short ad below.

I’m teaming up with @steveaustinBSR to let everyone know about washing in cold with @Tide could save you $100 on your energy bill,” Ice-T tweeted, with Austin adding, “That’s right. I’m a Stone Cold Caller now.”

Ice-T has enjoyed a massive 2021 so far, winning a Best Metal Performance Grammy for Body Count’s “Bum-Rush” and launching a new TV advice show called The Mediator. After the Grammy win, Ice shouted out late Power Trip singer Riley Gale, who was also nominated for a live version of “Executioner’s Tax” and appeared on Body Count's 2020 Carnivore album.


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