The Royal Rumble is one of the best WWE events every year, but sometimes, things don't go right. The way the Rumble works lends itself to some opportunities for interesting results. If someone messes up their exit, or something is planned a certain way, it can leave people asking questions afterwards.

Which really is part of the fun of the entire thing.

With Vince McMahon, you're never really sure what's a work, or if what you're seeing is a plan all falling apart. Either way, you generally leave fully "Sports Entertained", even when there's a controversy. Much like a pro wrestling main event with "false finishes" all over the match. You know, when they have someone pinned, and it seems over, but they kick out at 2. Especially after a "finishing move". I guess controversial finishes at the Royal Rumble could be considered a "false finish", but sometimes, they count for good.

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