At the end of the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, it didn't seem like the New Orleans Saints were going to have a rookie quarter back competing for their starting quarterback job this season. But by the time the draft ended, those odds shifted a bit.

Now, the chances of that happening have changed dramatically.

The 2024 NFL Draft saw a shocking 6 quarterbacks drafted in the first 12 picks of the draft. The Chicago Bears took Caleb Williams #1 overall, while the Washington Commanders took LSU's Jayden Daniels #2 overall, and the #3 overall pick was also a quarterback as the New England Patriots took Drake Maye. The biggest shock came at #8 overall where the Atlanta Flacons took Michael Penix, Jr. Then Michigan's JJ McCarthy was taken by the Minnesota Vikings at #10, and the Denver Broncos took Bo Nix at #12.

After that, NFL fans would have to wait over 100 picks until the next quarterback came off the board. Because it wasn't until pick #150 where the New Orleans Saints took South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler.

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Now, even though Rattler wasn't picked in the same round as the other 6 quarterbacks, it sounds like he'll have the same chance to be a starter this year as all the QBs picked before him. At least that's how New Orleans Saints Head Coach Dennis Allen made it sound.

Allen appeared on The Rich Eisen Show to talk about what the Saints did in the draft, and he told Eisen what their planning to do with Rattler now. Allen said:

“The plan is that he comes in and really basically competes, and we’ll let the cards kind of play out as they do”

Which might not be too shocking to Saints fans, as many were calling for the team to move on from quarterback Derek Carr last year. But that's harder than some fans want to believe, because Carr has a massive contract with the team. He will be paid by the Saints until at least 2026, where there's an out in his deal. But even if the out is exercised at that point, Carr counts for a $28 million cap hit that year.

Maybe it would be easier to take that salary cap hit when you have another quarterback on a rookie contract, but that's still a hard pill to swallow.

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