My boyfriends family was getting ready for a weekend out at the farm and I noticed that my boyfriends mom packed rain boots. With the weather flirting with 100 degrees and no sign of rain I had to ask why the boots were a part of the trip. “Snakes are out at the farm. They’re moving!”. The thought of snakes is enough to get me to cancel a trip. Being bitten by a snake is one of my biggest fears, since they’ve seen so many rattlers at the farm I’d be wearing big boots too! Just in case you’re needing to freshen up on some tips here are some things to keep in mind during snake season!

  1. If you leave shoes outside or in the garage always check your shoes! Snakes love hide out spots, stinky shoes make for a great hide out spot for them.
  2. Get rid of snake hangouts. Snakes love brush piles, wood, rock and even piles of junk. Forget spring cleaning, we are snake cleaning! Leave no hang out spots for them.
  3. Check your kids outside toys, don't be embarrassed to be that parent who turns all their kids toys upside down. Better safe than sorry!
  4. Snakes are on a hunt for rodents. Unfortunately that means that your bird feeders and water that you leave out are also a draw to snakes.
  5. Most snakes bite when they're defending themselves from being killed, so keep your distance!

What do you make sure to take care of before snake season? Let us know in the comments below!

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