LSU Football’s attendance for the 2017 season ranks as the sixth best in the country among Division 1 F-B-S schools. That’s according to a report from the National Football Foundation.

It might sound huge, but the placement is actually behind two other SEC schools. LSU also falls outside of the "100,000 Club" as their average attendance for last season settled at 98,506.

Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, and Texas A&M all ranked ahead of the Tigers.

It seems obvious Michigan would lead the way, after all The Big House is called The Big House. But all three of the top spots last year belonged to the Big Ten, with Ohio State and Penn State both averaging over 100,000 fans. Alabama was the only school outside of the Big Ten to see more than 100,000 in attendance every game. Texas A&M were under 100,000, and only about 300 fans a game ahead of LSU for 5th place.

Which means LSU is not only at 6 nationally, but 3rd in the SEC.

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