Trent Taylor has the heart of Shreveport already. As one of the handful of current NFL players who have come from the area, he has a lot of fans in the Ark-La-Tex.

During his days at Louisiana Tech, the Evangel product earned the love and respect of Bulldog fans during a historic career in Ruston. Since he was drafted in the 5th round by the San Francisco 49ers in 2017, he's used his gritty play on the field to gain fans all over the west coast.

But now, he's winning the hearts of Twitter with his creative attempt to get his quarterback's attention.

To be fair, he has his the attention of his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, already. This is a full on joke between Taylor, his quarterback, and teammate George Kittle...who's probably the best Tight End in football.

See, Kittle is the clear cut top option for Garoppolo in the 49ers offense. But before injuries pulled them apart on the field, Taylor and Garoppolo had great chemistry. So Taylor is using shirts made to celebrate the connection of Kittle and Garoppolo to remind everyone of that.

The edited shirt got a lot of attention with reporters, and really took off online. Twitter users who had no idea who Taylor was were suddenly retweeting the wide receiver. All because of some duct tape, Sharpie, and let's be honest, the mustache helped too.

Whether or not he wins the race against Kittle to be Garoppolo's running mate, Taylor will be a big part of the 49ers offense again this year, and fans in Shreveport (and the rest of Louisiana) are pretty excited about it.


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