It's what you've always wanted, a Monopoly version of Shreveport. It's complete with local attractions, businesses, and roads. But it's not truly complete without some oh-so-close-to-home satirical commentary.

When I posted about this game on my social media this weekend, I got a ton of responses on it. Including a really fun exchange with a local comedian (Shout out to Zachary Bührer) that included some solid these:

"Rumor is a 3-wheel Elio is a game piece"

"The third side of the board abruptly ends and you have to detour through some neighborhoods and a through-way to pass Go."

"It's a chance card, Invest in elio pay 200 dollars"

"The jail is over capacity and the Community Chest deck is just one card that says "sorry, maybe next year""

"The best, most profitable properties on the board are actually the first five or six, the rest of them are worth way too much to buy and don't rent for enough to justify buying them in the first place.

edit: this one felt too real, I feel bad typing this"

"The last few properties are actually in Bossier, and they're okay. Not great. But okay."

"Oldest person playing automatically owns the three most expensive board spaces once the game begins, its the Boomer Rule"

"18-20 year olds can't play though"

Apparently the internet says the game is currently available at the Mansfield Road Walmart, as is listed for under $20. So go score it for yourself, and ruin family game night by fighting over Monopoly, Shreveport style.

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