It's not often you get to hear a United States Senator talk about a person you know on the floor of the Senate. But it happened this week. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy honored KEEL's very own Robert J. Wright.

How Did This Tribute Happen?

I did not set this up. Some very alert staffers in Cassidy's office learned Robert is planning to retire and they informed the Senator about the news. Cassidy then decided he wanted to honor Robert. They asked me to send in some bullet points, which I did. But I have to tell you, Cassidy's staffers pulled together info they have gathered over the years. Robert is stepping into the next phase of his life after the April 29th show on KEEL.

We have interviewed Senator Cassidy well over 20 times. He is always ready to answer the tough questions. He's been under fire this year from the conservative crowd for supporting the infrastructure bill. But he was always available to talk to us and answer the hard questions.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Senator Cassidy and his staffers for this tribute. Robert was so surprised to hear these remarks and was almost speechless. This tribute will now forever be part of the Congressional Record. That is just amazing.

You know I am going to miss Robert, and this is just one example of the many people who love him so dearly and will miss having him on the radio every morning.

Robert J. Wright Is Retiring

After 50 years in radio and 25 years as partners with Erin McCarty on K945, KVKI and KEEL, Robert will retire at the end of April. Here's a look back as some of our favorite moments.



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