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In Super Bowl LVI, the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20. There were a lot fo Louisiana ties in the game, on both sides of the ball.

For Cincinnati, many in Louisiana were cheering for Joe Burrow, the former LSU National Champion and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. But the Bengals also featured two Shreveport-tied players. Brandon Wilson was born in Shreveport, and played high school football at Calvary. While Trent Taylor wasn't born in Shreveport, but played his high school football at Evangel. In Super Bowl LVI, Brandon Wilson was injured and unable to play, but Trent Taylor was returning punts for the Bengals, and had some nice returns.

On the Los Angeles side, there were some LSU guys that had a lot of Louisiana fans cheering for them. Odell Beckham, Jr and Andrew Whitworth are two former Tigers who were able to get their first Super Bowl rings.

But there was a local Shreveport guy who was able to win his first Super Bowl ring too.

Robert Rochell is a rookie cornerback for the Rams. He was born in Shreveport, and played high school football at Fair Park. He went on to play college football at Central Arkansas, before being drafted by the Rams. Rochelle started a handful of games for the Rams this year, before getting hurt in December. Even though he wasn't able to play in the game, he will still get his Super Bowl ring for the Rams win.

He joins this list of Shreveport-born Super Bowl Champions who already have their rings:

Shreveport Born Super Bowl Champions

These NFL players were born in Shreveport, and won Super Bowl rings during their careers.

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