The New Orleans Saints looked like they didn't need any help from the NFL Officiating crew to beat the New York Giants, but they still got the help anyway.

Now look, it's really easy to blame the officials when your team loses, and it's really hard to admit when the bad calls helped your team win. Which is where Saints fans find themselves after their Week 4 game against the Giants.

NFL Official Pete Morelli and his crew ran into multiple issues during the game. Between missed calls, bad calls, and flags that were picked up, fans were not happy. They took those complaints, and evidence, to Twitter.

Bob Papa, the "Voice of the New York Giants", stated on their radio broadcast his feelings on Morelli and his crew.

The way this normally works is that the NFL Offices will send a letter, or make a statement, apologizing to the New York Giants. It won't change the outcome of the game, or make anyone feel better, so it's pretty useless. But that's how the NFL works.

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