New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara leads the NFL in total yards from scrimmage. He's been everything the team could have hoped for when they took him in the NFL Draft 2 years ago...actually, probably more than what they hoped for.

But now, his backfield is about to get a little more crowded.

Saints running back Mark Ingram returns to the field on Monday after serving his four-game suspension. Ingram says he watched the games at his home in Florida and says he has a lot of stuff pent up and is ready to take the field in the Dome.

So what will this mean for Kamara? He's going to get less touches, that's obvious. But Kamara has proven over 4 weeks that he's cut out to be one of the best pure running backs in the NFL today. So are they going to take carries away from him just to get Ingram involved?


It would appear that Ingram will be coming in the way that Adrian Peterson did last year. The Saints signed Peterson as a huge name (NFL MVP) in the off season, but already had Ingram and Kamara on the roster. The start of last year felt like a lot of forced "change of pace" moments between rotating running backs. It cleared up once Peterson left, but it never looked as good as it did to start this year. When Kamara had pure control over the running game lead, he was dominant.

Will Kamara be able to continue to look as good with fewer touches? I guess we'll find out starting this week.


New Orleans hosts Washington on Monday night.

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