The New Orleans Saints (9-2) are one of three teams in the league who can clinch a payoff berth this week, along with the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-0) and Kansas City Chiefs (10-1).

There are three ways the Saints can procure a postseason spot for the 4th consecutive year.

First, let's assess the easiest path.

A win on Sunday against the rival Atlanta Falcons, along with Chicago Bears loss (or tie) will suffice. Chicago (5-6), who has lost five games in a row, hosts Detroit (4-7).

The other two paths are less likely to happen this week, as it involves the Saints matchup with the Falcons ending in a tie.

In one playoff clinching scenario, the Saints would tie Atlanta, then need a Chicago loss, Minnesota loss against Jacksonville, and a San Francisco loss or tie against Buffalo.

The last scenario is a Saints tie, coupled with a Chicago loss, Minnesota loss, and an Arizona loss or tie versus the L.A. Rams.

Scenario two and three have less 0.01% odds of happening, so the one to remember is scenario one. Beat the Falcons, along with a Lions win over the Bears, and the playoff spot is official.

Kansas City has seven different scenarios to procure a playoff spot this week, but the simplest one is a win over Denver, coupled with a Las Vegas loss to the New York Jets.

Pittsburgh earns an official playoff spot with a victory against the Cowboys, and can also win the AFC North with a victory and a Cleveland loss at Tennessee.

A loss by Las Vegas, Miami or Indianapolis would also give Pittsburgh their playoff berth, before they suit up for their matchup on Tuesday against the Dallas Cowboys.

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