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The Resident Evil game series is one of the greatest of all time. Not only is it a massively successful video game franchise, it's been turned into highly profitable movies, toys, and other collectible marketing.

This horror franchise launched all the way back in 1996, and is still going strong today with the upcoming release of Resident Evil Village. This new game has the internet buzzing with its gameplay, theme, and character design. Check out some of the new game action here..

The new game Village will be a direct sequel to 2017's Resident Evil Biohazard. That recent addition to the Resident Evil canon is really the purpose of what we're looking at.

Biohazard, or Resident Evil 7 (RE7), however you want to look at it, was based in the state of Louisiana. Which is what we're going to explore, and I will note, there are spoilers coming if you haven't played the game yet. You've been warned.

In the game RE7, you play as a character named Ethan Winters who is looking for his lost wife Mia. After being considered dead for about 3 years, Mia sends Ethan a video drawing him to a rundown plantation in southern Louisiana. The plantation is in Dulvey Parish, a fake Parish created for the game. We don't know exactly where this is supposed to be, but we know its an old mining area with deep bayous around it. There are plenty of these from Plaquemines Parish to Iberia Parish.

One of the other hints we get to it's location involves a spoiler for the game, so you've been warned again.

We find out that Mia is in this plantation house because of what a hurricane did to a cargo ship she was on in the Gulf of Mexico. So we know that it is DEEP in the state, clearly on the coastline.

So lets get into the spoilery stuff about the game.

Mia secretly worked as a guard for a bio-weapon that was being transported on a cargo ship by a big evil corporation. When the hurricane his the ship, the bio-weapon, named Eveline, started attacking the crew. Eveline is a mold-based bioweapon who is created in the form of a 10-year-old girl, who uses a mold to control people around her. The bio-weapon can create this mold, and once it infects a person, they start to become "less human" (it's a Resident Evil game, what did you expect?) and gain certain powers.

After the ship makes landfall in South Louisiana, Eveline and Mia take over the plantation, and the family who lived there. The Baker Family become the family that Eveline has decided she wants.

Once Ethan arrives, he's attacked by Mia and the Baker Family. Mia is able to break Eveline's control throughout the story to help Ethan, but at other times will do things like put a screwdriver through his hand.

Even though we've spoiled some of the game, we won't get into the ending. But we can say that Ethan and Mia survive the experiences of RE7. Now, thanks to the previews for Resident Evil Village, we get a lot of that confirmed.

Now we get to see Ethan take on a new set of villains, extremely far away from Louisiana, in Eastern Europe. But that doesn't guarantee that there won't be any mention of Louisiana in the new game. If we've learned one thing about the Resident Evil series, its that they don't usually leave locations alone in future games.


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