Monday night was a bomb-tastic night for the Home Run Derby, the signature event in preparation for Tuesday night's All-Star Game in Kansas City.

While this derby, or perhaps any other derby for the rest of our lives will not top the 41 long balls jacked by then Phillies great Bobby Abreu in 2005, this show had some great fireworks too!

Regardless, of the homers - or lack thereof leaving the bat of New York Yankees star Robinson Cano, it was a fierce battle between Detroit Tigers star Prince Fielder and Toronto Blue Jays great (and possible trade bait) Jose Bautista! Fielder eventually won the battle, out-homering Bautista 12-7 in the final round.

Bautista's journey to the final round was not an easy one! He and now the ever so popular Angels' rising star Mark Trumbo, was hitting "Trumb-boms" the whole night. Both Trumbo and Bautista, who finished the night with 20 homers for the night, were both hitting the ball so well, the two had to battle it out in a swingoff, a contest Bautista won 2-1.

Fielder on the other hand was seeing the ball really well all night! He knocked out 28 long balls to "Souvenir City, U.S.A." in all three rounds of the derby, which included a 476 foot homer, and several homers that landed in the fountains of Kaufmann Park in KC!

Other players that participated were Colorado Rockies star Carlos Gonzalez, the Pittsburgh Pirates' Andrew McCutchen (who had four home runs each), L.A. Dodgers phenom Matt Kemp (who hit one homer), and Carlos Beltran (who hit TWELVE into the seats)

Will bombs continue to be hit to the fans sitting in the seats in Kansas City? Tune in and see at 6:30 p.m.!