Where did the Texas Rangers game go? Where did the Dallas Mavericks game go? Wait, where did Bally's Sports go on my TV listing?

If you live in the Bossier Parish area, you're probably going to start experiencing this phenomenon. Well, if you have Optimum as your TV provider. Because Optimum has announced they're dropping Bally Sports from their service.

Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

An email was sent to Optimum subscribers that said:

"We have worked diligently and championed on your behalf to reach a fair agreement, offering flexible and consumer-friendly options to Diamond Sports Group, the operator of Bally Sports Networks; however, Bally's declined. As a result, their content is no longer available on our lineups."

Now, the email indicated that Diamond Sports Group "declined" an agreement with Optimum, but it should be noted that Diamond Sports Group is currently in bankruptcy and likely cannot agree to new contracts.

On the Shreveport side of the river, where Xfinity already announced a separation from Diamond Sports Group. That separation was a very large announcement, where 14 Diamond Sports Group regional networks were dropped from all of Xfinity.

Currently, Diamond Sports Group is trying to restructure in bankruptcy court, and intend to emerge from the process on the other side. They have multiple major sports organizations that are involved in the court proceedings. Not just MLB, but the NBA and NHL are also involved in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Five
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Its unknown in Diamond Sports Group will be able to continue operating after the bankruptcy process, and there's also no indication of what might happen to the games from the leagues listed above. Maybe the the worst part is that we have no idea what the timetable is for a resolution.

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