The New York Giants were beat Sunday by the Packers in Green Bay and allegedly took their frustration out by trashing their plane and punching holes in the walls at the stadium. Green Bay beat New York 38-13 sending them this weekend to Dallas to take on the Cowboys and the Giants back home.

Odell Beckham Jr frustrated with the game was said by stadium crew to punch a hole in the wall outside the locker room. Picture below...

Then after arriving back in New York flight crews had to take an extra 2.5 hours delaying the next flight so they could replace seats and clean up the plane allegedly from the Giants players.

Gordon Allott, president and CEO of the BroadPeak tech firm said online “We are about 2.5 hours delayed. We were told the Giants had this plane last night and trashed it. Which is the cause of the delay”. A strong smell of alcohol and chewing tobacco was said to be in the cabin as passengers later boarded.

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