This morning, Notini's Italian Restaurant announced their plans to close their doors for good in late November.

It's always a sad day when a locally owned restaurant decided to close their doors. This one is especially sad for me, because like many of you,. I considered this place on of the best Italian options in Shreveport-Bossier. There has been rumors around town that Notini's Italian Restaurant would be closing soon, but everyone reading this certainly knows how rumors go...

Today, however, an official announcement was made.

The owner of Notini's wrote a heart-felt message on their Facebook page, announcing the local favorite would close down for good as it's lease expires on November 30th. The last day to eat at Notini's Italian Restaurant will be on November 16th. The message also shared love to all of the friends, customers, and employees of Notini's through the years.

Notini's Italian Restaurant first opened for business in June of 1981. Jerry Notini Kolniak and his brother Ronnie and their father Stanley started the Italian restaurant. The restaurant was opened in honor of Jerry's grandfather, Antonio Notini, who immigrated to this country from Barga, Italy on November 19, 1909.

See the restaurant's official announcement below.



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