How do you know when you have "arrived"? By "arrived" I mean achieved a certain social status or fame where you get perks that others, who are mere mortals, simply don't get. I guess you could count former LSU quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow among the "arrived". Why would I suggest such a thing?

Well, not only does Joe Burrow have the entire city of Cincinnati rooting for his rapid recovery from a knee injury but his former college, LSU, has discovered a new wasp. They've decided to name that new wasp after Joe Burrow. Now that is the kind of fame that money can't buy.

Ilgoo Kang, a graduate entomology student working at the LSU AgCenter actually discovered the new species of wasp during LSU's college football title run last year. The newly discovered species was named Joeburrowi. AgCenter officials say the name fits because the insect has tiger-striped coloration patterns on its thorax.

Now, if you were wondering just where did they find "this new wasp" chill out. It wasn't here and no there won't be murder hornets named after LSU players invading the nation. The new species was actually discovered by Kang in Malaysia near the border with Thailand.

So far they only discovered a single specimen. I have to admit my first inclination is to ask them to squash it. I hate wasps. Even if they are named after great college football players. But, that's just me. Oh, and congratulations Joe, it's official. You have arrived.




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