Look, New Orleans hates the NFL front office...and it's not a new thing.

The city has been holding a grudge since 'Bounty-gate', and will never let it go that Sean Payton had to sit out a whole year. Fans of the Saints aren't going to forget having to surrender NFL Draft picks because of it either.

So now, a city that has already had to deal with that, has a Super Bowl trip ripped from their hands on the worst no-call in NFL history? What did you think was going to happen...

At this point, we've had the Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards write a letter to the league, US Senator from Louisiana Bill Cassidy took pictures of the no-call to the floor of the US Senate, and now, the New Orleans City Council is getting in on it.

The seven-member New Orleans City Council unanimously approved a resolution today asking the NFL to investigate why a flag wasn’t thrown for pass interference against the Rams in the final two minutes of regulation in the NFC Championship game. Council members say the blown call cost the city sales tax revenues and since there was also helmet-to-helmet contact, the NFL is failing in its effort to ensure player safety.

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