The New Orleans Saints defense could get a huge upgrade in the next couple of weeks.

The Saints are reportedly interested in former Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Suh spent most of Friday and Saturday meeting with Saints executives, and spending a lot of time with Head Coach Sean Payton. He eventually left town without any kind of deal, but many familiar with Suh says he wants to "take his time" in this free agent process, to find the right spot.

Earlier this off season, Suh was released by the Miami Dolphins after 3 seasons.

The addition of Suh to the Saint defense would make it a top 5 defense in the NFL, no questions asked. Suh's presence along the d-line would instantly free up defensive ends, like Cam Jordan, because Suh routinely commands double teams from opposing offensive lines. Suh has a reputation as a pass rusher as well as run stopper.

Speaking of reputations, Suh has one of those too.

Suh has been in trouble with the league in the past, and has been labeled as a "dirty player" by other players in the league, and many fans. But, that kind of thing sometimes gets overlooked when he's YOUR dirty player, so Saints fans would likely be willing to swallow that pill to get Suh's production.

But, Suh has also never played for an establish NFL coach like Sean Payton. Which could be the key to keeping him in-check, and focusing that violent rage to actions between the whistles.

As for now, Suh is currently visiting with the Tennessee Titans, and isn't likely to make a decision anytime soon. But the Saints will have their fingers crossed.

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