Most teens don’t think their moms are cool, but you can bet this kid in South Glens Falls, NY thinks his mother is awesome.

That’s because 33-year-old mom Judy Viger thought it would be a great idea last November to hire two strippers to perform at her son’s birthday party -- his 16th birthday party. Considering she was only 17 when she gave birth, though, we're inclined to be a bit forgiving about her deficit of motherly judgement. She ain’t exactly one of the ‘Gilmore Girls.’

Viger hired the performers from a company called Tops in Bottoms, which is possibly the best name for a stripper company, ever. She paid for them to do their thang in a private room at a bowling alley where the party was being held. Classy.

About 80 people were on hand for the bash, including a 13-year-old, who presumably got quite the crash course in the birds and the bees. The mother of a 15-year-old saw photos from the party on her son’s Facebook page and called police quicker than the time it took for kids at the fiesta to "make it rain" with their allowance money.

Viger, who will appear in court on March 7, has been charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child and is looking at a year in the slammer, so it looks like her son will have to beg Dad to hire strippers for his 17th birthday bash.

Let this be a lesson for all the moms out there; we're looking at you, Britney Spears. C'mon, you know you can see her doing something like this.

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