Today one of the most influential and most popular pro wrestlers of all time, Steve Austin, is celebrating his 53rd birthday. The Texas Rattlesnake was born December 18th, 1964 in Austin, TX.

One of the biggest I became a wrestling fan is because of Austin. His entire character was literally being a hell raising redneck, that drank beer and flipped the bird to authority. He was just the coolest.

His promos were on point, his never ending battle with the boss Vince McMahon was epic...EVERYTHING Stone Cold touched just turned to gold. He was a blue collar worker fighting the good fight for the common man. He drew more money, sold more merch and brought more attention to the world of pro wrestling than anyone in the history of the business.

There's a reason he's one of the most beloved and celebrated workers in the history of wrestling. I know he had a heavy influence on my life. I've been known to cut a Stone Cold promo on management from time to time.

So...if you want to wish a happy birthday to Steve Austin, GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!

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