New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is arguably the best in football at his position.

Atlanta Falcons fans would argue otherwise, and all of them are likely in a tizzy today as Thomas is the only wide receiver in the latest edition of the popular video game Madden series with a 99 rating.

Thomas is one of five players in the game with a 99.

Joining him are Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore and Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey.

Many current players care deeply about their Madden rating, and the Madden marketing team has done a phenomenal job of promoting that interest, awarding players who earn the prestigious "99 Club" with a care package.

"99 in real life. 99 in the game. Can't guard Mike." - Michael Thomas

Thomas loves to feed off any doubters. Perhaps there's a small part of him that wishes he had been given less than a 99 rating so he could use it as fuel?

Don't worry. I'm sure he'll feed off everyone on social media who is criticizing his Madden rating.

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