3-time Pro Bowler Mark Ingram suffered an apparent knee injury in the Saints Monday night matchup against the Bucs on a routine swing route. He was tackled out of bounds, and immediately grabbed his knee.

Unfortunately, that play was not the one fans took away from the game.

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Late in the fourth quarter, Mark Ingram pulled up short of the sticks on a second down, when he clearly had room to make it.

We now realize that Ingram was operating on a partially torn MCL on that play. One can only imagine how much pain he was in. While that may not excuse his bad judgement, I'd argue it certainly explains it.

Ingram has played in the NFL since 2011, and now faces a tough recovery process as he approaches an age where most pro runningbacks are in their twilight. His season is over and we may have seen Ingram's final snap as a Saints running back.

Mark Ingram retiring would be no small thing. He has played 10 seasons and change for the Saints, as well as 2 seasons in Baltimore and a half-season in Houston.

In those 10 seasons as a Saint, Ingram averaged 4.5 yards per game on 12 rushes per game and an 80% catch percentage averaging over 5 yards per target.

Mark Ingram
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He holds Saints records for games played at running back, career rushing attempts, career yards, and career touchdowns.

As of now, the only statement Ingram has made on the game is an apology. He has not made any comments about the injury.

This apology is all the more heart-breaking knowing that Ingram is now sidelined for the remainder of the season, and that his career is in jeopardy.

But it may not be over yet. Mark Ingram has played at a fairly high level long after other backs usually sharply decline.

Even if Ingram doesn't suit back up in 2023, he still goes down in Saints history as an all-time great in the Black and Gold. Don't remember him for going out of bounds. Remember him for plays like these.

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