The Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to the Packers 14-12 on Sunday night. Brady led his team on a triumphant final touchdown drive, but after a delay of game on the initial two-point conversion forced the Bucs to move back, this happened:

Aaron Rodgers is an elite NFL quarterback, and elite NFL quarterbacks are really good at finding ways to win.

Even when they aren't on the field.

This is next-level play from Rodgers. Dude didn't even have his helmet on and he still was making an impact on the field.

Rodgers claims that he saw something that tipped him off to the play call the Bucs were going to use on the conversion, and he simply passed the information he learned to head coach Matt LaFleur. He literally just looked up and somehow saw enough to find the answers to winning the game.

Obviously, whatever he saw was pretty important because the Packers defense was all over that play.

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What is still unclear is what Rodgers saw, if he's even telling the truth.

Some are saying he saw an actual play call on a one of the Microsoft surface tablets that Tom Brady is so fond of shattering.


Others claim he's just a master lip-reader.

But NFL players and coaches have never been above a little gamesmanship to get that competitive edge. Sometimes that takes the form of psychological warfare against opposing teams, making them feel like their own home turf is unsafe.

Maybe Rodgers was engaging in some good-old-fashioned psych warfare because honestly there's no way the production crew at Raymond James Stadium would allow the Jumbotron to show sensitive information right?


Heck it's even possible that there wasn't any pertinent information at all on the Jumbotron, and the effects of Rodgers' ayahuasca use were causing him to see the future or across realities or something.

That last one is my personal thought, because I like to imagine Rodgers on the sideline tripping (foot)balls and seeing into the ethereal plane to read coverages and figure out the Bucs play call like it was the flashing play-art in Madden when you hit the "Ask Madden" button.

Needless to say, Bucs coach Todd Bowles wants to know if it's real, so he's going to have what I can only assume will be a very uncomfortable conversation with the Bucs head of production.

Look, I work at a sports stadium for a side hustle. I have run cameras that feed to Jumbotrons. There is a very specific set of rules for what you can and can't show. If somebody did let the frame linger over something they shouldn't have over at Raymond James...

Well I just hope they have their resumé updated.

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