Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has been lighting up the field all season, leading his team to a 6-2 record on the season so far.

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He's been incredible this year, including making throws like this one last week in a loss to the Jets.

However, it seems like the NFL's golden boy may have an issue. He appeared to have injured his elbow in that Jets game.

After the game, he was evaluated for damage to his "UCL and related nerves", which sounded bad.

As of now it seems like the Bill intend for Josh Allen to play through it, meaning it likely isn't extremely serious.

However, if I was a member of Bills Mafia, I would be concerned for what playing through an injury like this could mean for the franchise quarterback's long term health.

If Allen does miss time, however, it could damage what has been an extremely promising season for not only the Bills, but a potential MVP performance for the young buck. Players like Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson are hot on the Bills signal-caller's heels.

Until then, Allen will just have to continue doing stuff like this.

To be fair, that didn't look to hard on the elbow.

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