LSU defensive end, Ali Gaye, has been labeled as one of the Tiger’s best most feared defenders. He was named preseason All-SEC and named a preseason first-team All-American. His talent and skill were on full display in Sunday’s matchup with Flordia State.

In a crucial moment in the game, Gaye made a crucial fundamental mistake when he made a vicious hit on the FSU quarterback, Jordan Travis. The hit was a clear demonstration of targeting and was called just that on the field. The play resulted in an FSU touchdown, Gaye’s ejection from the game, and the first half of next week’s game.

As football fans, we have all questioned a targeting call at times. This was not the case with Gaye. This was the clearest display of targeting I had ever seen, and even LSU fans couldn’t disagree with the call.

Immediately after the game, Travis showed that he is more than just a leader on the football field. He went over to Ali Gaye after the game and gave him a fist bump to let him know that everything was good between them.

While Gaye wouldn’t play another down in that game, its what he did after the game that has college football fans from all across the country noticing his leadership. Gaye reached out to Jordan Travis after the game to check on him and apologize. Travis appreciated Gaye’s apology and only made him respect Gaye as a person even more than he already did. This is what Jordan Travis had to say on Twitter.

Gaye isn’t the only one who has gained some newfound appreciation and respect as many LSU fans took to Travis’ post to comment on his play from the game.

This is what football is about to me. It’s not just about the big hits and epic victories, it's also about how you respond when things don’t go you're Gaye. Travis and Gaye are two excellent examples of what it means to be a leader on and off the field.

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