After the death of LSU student Maxwell Gruver last year, the university has recognized there were changed that needed to be made.

This year, LSU has adopted, and begun enforcing,  new polices that bars on-campus organizations from distributing hard liquor at their gatherings and events.

This policy was also been adopted by over 6,000 fraternities across the nation, in a push to curb alcohol abuse. LSU Dean of Students Mari Fuentes-Martin says they considered the proposal in spring, and got everyone on board to start the year.

Non-liquor based alcoholic beverages will still be permitted.

The hard alcohol ban at fraternities was put into place as a result of the suspected hazing death of Maxwell Gruver last September, where authorities say the Phi Delta Theta pledge was pressured into chugging 190 proof booze as part of his fraternity initiation. Fuentes-Martin says it will take a lot of effort to undo the boozing cultures in frats, where even mentorship interactions involve liquor

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