It's no secret that Louisiana holds a very special place for Shaquille O'Neal. The LSU legend went off to accomplish big things and he is the king of living life to the max.

Shaquille O'Neal is what many claim to be the most physically imposing player that the NBA ever saw. I mean at 7'1" and weighing in at 325 pounds, I can't help but imagine how crazy it must be seeing him in person. When you're the size of Shaq your only option is to live life larger than you.

If it's something you can accomplish in this life, Shaq will try it. The 49-year-old isn't just an NBA Hall of Famer, oh no that would be too easy. Add actor, spokesperson, investor, entrepreneur, and he's also a D.J.

Shaq's alter ego, DJ Diesel played a set at Lost Lands Festival in Ohio. He saw this festival as a place to accomplish something he'd never done before. On Sunday afternoon after his set, Shaq decided to dive for it, Literally. There was no time to think if you were in the crowd. Shaq climbed on a fence and dove straight into the crowd.

Just imagine all 325 pounds of Shaq jumping on top of you. Did the crowd catch him? Of course not. Poor Shaq plummeted to the ground. My biggest worry is that he laid someone out flat. Although no injuries have been reported from either Shaq or people in the crowd, I still think someone must have taken a hard hit.

Instead of just walking into the sea of people, he climbed up atop the fence and dove right in. As could be expected, he was not caught or held up and dropped to the ground.

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