Many of you say LSU is the best college in the state, but one site begs to differ.

It's that time of year again. It's "acceptance letter" season. Although many of those letters are now sent via email, it's still such an exciting time for high school seniors or even college transfers and grad students. This is when your destiny is determined and a new chapter of your life begins. For all of us, we believe out Alma mater is, and will always be, the best.

But which college is the best in Louisiana, at least for 2018? recently set out to answer this question. The website, dedicated to helping you find the schools and neighborhoods right for you, looked at key areas like academics, value, professors, student life, and more. They even conducted surveys with students and alumni.

Here are the colleges they determined to be the top 5 schools in Louisiana...

1. Tulane University
2. Louisiana State University
3. Louisiana Tech University
4. Loyola University New Orleans
5. University of Louisiana - Lafayette

See the rest of the list here.

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