When you mention the Kirby Smith dormitory to anyone who has attended classes on campus at LSU you're likely to get a mixed bag of reactions. For some, Kirby Smith is just a large building on campus. For others, it was one of their least favorite places to be while on campus in Baton Rouge.

When classes came to a close at LSU this past May, so did the years of service for Kirby Smith Hall. The building was deemed no longer needed based on LSU's current enrollment and projected enrollment. Also, the finalization of construction on Camellia Hall and Azalea Hall, two new residence halls, added about 400 more beds to the student life landscape at the state's flagship university.

LSU Tiger TV via YouTube
LSU Tiger TV via YouTube

Another factor that could have played a part in the decision to bring down Kirby Smith Hall was the fact the dormitory was named for a Confederate General. General Kirby Smith was the guy who didn't surrender until almost two months after General Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

I suppose that one of the reasons there really wasn't that much concern raised about the Confederate naming aspect of the structure was the fact that the structure has been slated for demolition for some time now.

Couple that with the fact that a majority of people surveyed on campus about Kirby Smith say the building is an eyesore. Many students and faculty have stated the design and architecture of the building do not fit well in the basic design of LSU.

Now, if you were a resident of Kirby Smith and would like to have a memento of the structure plans are being made for those who would like to purchase a brick from the demolished structure may do so. Organizers say they've not created a price for those bricks but that information will be forthcoming.

As far as the demolition of Kirby Smith goes, that is planned for June 4th. That will be on a Saturday and yes, you will be able to watch the demolition unfold. Viewing areas will be set up on that date.

Campus planners say the space created by the demolition of Kirby Smith will be used to make a green space for students on campus. It is hoped that this green space will give LSU students another place to be outdoors and enjoy a better view of Baton Rouge at the same time.

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