Louisiana is a major pro wrestling state. From Shreveport to New Orleans, the state has hosted some of the most historic territory promotions, to some of the most historic single wrestling events.

Back in the 1980s, Shreveport was home to Mid-South Wrestling, with TV shot live on the State Fairgrounds, and promos cut at a local TV station. While New Orleans has consistently welcomed major pro wrestling super shows through the 80s, and Wrestlemania extravaganzas over the last decade. Not to mention all of the live TV in between, from Bossier to Baton Rouge. Lafayette and Lake Charles have even hosted major events in the past.

Being a state with a rich history of pro wrestling, some in the state may enjoy a little exercise mixing some geography, with stereotypical location humor, and old school pro wrestling. So I asked a couple of fellow pro wrestling Louisiana residents to help me put some ideas together based on the idea of matching an old school pro wrestler, with the stereotypes of Louisiana cities. We did our best, and here's what we came up with...

Louisiana Cities As Old School Pro Wrestlers

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