Other stores should take note. This is a no-brainer in my book.

The biggest mall in America is taking a huge risk this fall in regards to Thanksgiving. Throwing dollar signs aside, the Mall of America has decided to close up its doors on Thanksgiving day.

All in the name of family.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, all employees of all store in the Minnesota mall received notice that the mall, movie theaters, and indoor amusement park will all be closed on Thanksgiving day. Mall of America's senior vice president of marketing said that families were at the core of this decision.

"We think Thanksgiving is a day for families and for people we care about. We want to give this day back."

Each of the 520 stores have the option to remain open on Turkey day, but I would hope they take the mall's lead and lock up for the day. Any store that stays open will require mall security staff to come into work. The mall currently has 1,200 employees and 13,000 employees of stores.

The mall will open again on Black Friday at 5 a.m.