What Can You Do With That Turkey Carcass?
Thanksgiving is now over, and you have the remnants of seven pies, two metric tons of sides, and a half eaten turkey in your fridge. What do you do with all of those leftovers after you've eaten on them for a couple of days?
Batman In The Worst Thanksgiving Ever (1954)
The time is once again here for Thanksgiving in America, and while most of us just use the holiday as an excuse to binge on turkey, there is a deeper meaning behind it. It's the day that we set aside to honor the time that the Native Americans helped out the Pilgrims, who would not have otherwi…
How To Carve A Turkey
Thanksgiving is only two days away, and soon families will gather to gobble (pun) up some delicious grub.

But all too often, when the bird is ready to be divvied up among the hungry throngs, whoever does the carving hacks at it with a dull knife to the point where it looks like turkey salad on a pl…

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