Needless to say, the late-night comedians will be having a field day with this latest little bit of Olympic news. It was recently announced that famous-because-of-a-sex-tape celebrity Kim Kardashian's Skims line of clothing has been chosen to help outfit Team USA when they travel to the Olympic Games in Tokyo next month.

In an Instagram post the reality TV star posted yesterday, Kardashian-West explained why her being involved with Team USA is not that far of a stretch for the imagination. In the post, she spoke of following the Olympics as a child. Of course, there is a connection with Caitlynn Jenner, who won Olympic Gold as Bruce Jenner in the Montreal Olympic Games.

Kardashian-West founded her Skims fashion line in 2019 and was just recently invited by Team USA to design undergarments, pajamas, and lounge wear for the members of the United States team. From what we understand, you'll be able to purchase the same clothing for your unathletic body from the Skims website.

Based on reports Skims will outfit all 626 female members of Team USA in a limited-edition selection of sleepwear, underwear, and loungewear. The items are described as "shapewear". That means they will be tight-fitting and conform to the contours of the body. The collection includes tank bras, socks, and boxer-like undies that are all made from very soft and breathable fabrics.

Besides vocalizing her support of Team USA and the Olympic movement in this country Kardashian West also brought to the forefront the importance of Olympic athletes, especially female athletes as role models. In a prepared statement, Kardashian West said that "These women are incredible role models for younger girls, including my own daughters. Showing them anything is possible if you work hard enough."

You know Kim, we couldn't agree with you more. Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your good fortune with Team USA on such a grand stage. Let's hope everyone involved will come out a winner and will be cool and comfortable through it all when they are receiving their gold medals.

The Olympic Games are set to begin July 23rd in Tokyo Japan.

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