While gender reveals may have worn out their welcome on the internet a long time ago, this is one that is worth watching.

The idea of an expecting couple finding out the gender of their baby used to be a joyous moment—either celebrated intimately between the mom and dad to be or amongst close friends and family members. But the internet changed the game, bringing gender reveal parties to new levels and, oftentimes, dangerous extremes.

The evolution of gender reveal parties is one that would surely make for a great podcast episode or a Netflix documentary, but take my word for it when I say they have gone from the pedestrian event where two people open up an envelope for all to see to stunts that have literally led to things like explosions and sometimes, people dying.

A couple in New Jersey managed to restore my faith in gender reveals for at least two minutes; which also happens to be the duration of this WWE-style matchup where one wrestler in blue represented "team boy" and another wrestler in pink represented "team girl." The two wrestlers went head to head with a back and forth exchange that kept the audience entertained and on the edge of their seats.

So what gender came out victorious?

There were thrills. There was excitement. There was controversy. But in the end, only one gender could hoist the championship baby belt.

Congrats to this couple on their blessing—and to anyone looking to have a gender reveal, just know that the bar has been set.

If you haven't gotten enough wrestling gender reveal action, enjoy this one.

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