The Heisman-winning LSU quarterback shared his thoughts following the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd.

As the world continues to cope with the loss of George Floyd, many athletes, celebrities, politicians, neighbors, friends, and family members are sharing their opinions on social media platforms.

Today, President Barack Obama shared a powerful message through his social media, you can see his statement below.

  Regardless of where you stand politically, no one can deny that Brack Obama is simply one of the best orators of our time. He always knows exactly what to say, and always delivers his remarks with class. His statement, receiving over 1 Million likes and 250,000 retweets, clearly resonated with many Americans. Now, Joe Burrow, essentially 2019-2020's President of Louisiana, has stepped to the mic. Joe made all of Ohio and Louisiana proud with the most impressive collegiate football season for a quarterback in college football history. Now, he's made our country proud by speaking his mind. Check out his short-but-sweet statement below.  



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