With the NCAA clearing the way for players to make money earlier this week, lots of former players are now wondering what could have been.

Well, some athletes are wondering what could have *legally* been, but we won't go there. The truth is when it comes to situations like the one we're watching play out with Reggie Bush, or other superstars who were the face of their athletic team during their time in college, it's almost impossible to put a number on how much money some of these players could have racked up over their name, imagine and likeness (NIL).

If you've seen that word floating around, get used to it, because NIL went from having little to no meaning to those interested in college sports to the three letters that will change the entire game of college athletics as we know it.

Joe Burrow's father, Coach Jimmy Burrow, was asked how much money he thinks his son could have made at LSU if he was allowed to profit from his NIL and he gave the shortest, but most honest answer possible.

I think it's safe to say that it's also the most accurate answer because there were plenty of moments that Burrow could have capitalized on during that historic run toward a national championship.

You can actually watch the entire interview with Coach Jimmy Burrow here as he made a lot of good points about his NIL will be a good thing for many coaches as well.

Even though he was just a little over a year behind being able to cash in on "a lot" of money through his NIL, Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow was still excited about the NCAA change, calling it long overdue.

As we mentioned earlier, LSU players wasted no time securing endorsements and other deals as soon as today's July 1 date marked the new NIL opportunities.

Unlike many other schools, LSU is allowing athletes to use school marks and facilities if approved by the university. Here's the document that LSU distributed to its athletes according to WAFB.

As Ross Dellenger said, this is definitely a recruiting advantage for LSU.

Or should I say NILSU?

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