This Jimmy Johns employee not only deserves a monumental raise, but also free sandwiches for life.

On Wednesday, everything was business as usual at a Kansas City Jimmy Johns location. Quickly, though, at 9:45 PM all hell broke loose.

A customer waled up to the the register and appeared to place an order, and as soon as the Jimmy Johns employee began to ring it up, the customer quickly became the criminal when he pulled out his handgun. He immediately cocked the weapon and pointed it right at the employees head.

I'm not kidding you, this employee didn't even blink. His poise was comparable to Tom Brady down 28-3 in the Super bowl, in fact, I believe Tom is envious of this guys composure.

The employee simply assessed the situation, removed his gloves, and slowly pulled out all of the money in the register. All while having a gun pointed at (and at one time touching) his forehead.

No employees were hurt, and the Kansas City police arrested the lunatic yesterday.

Here's the surreal footage!


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