I Fell for a Cruel Facebook Joke on Facebook, and Now I'm Mad.

It's no secret that Blue Bell is always introducing some delicious new ice cream flavors that we love in the south. The latest flavor, the Oatmeal Cream Pie has so many of my friends excited, they claim it is one of the best flavors they have tried. Unfortunately, I have yet to find it at the store, but Blue Bell always steers me right.

I Was Excited About the Potential of Buc-ee's and Blue Bell Collaborating Because How Could it Not Be Delicious?

There was a picture of a tub of Blue Bell Ice Cream with Beaver Nuggets on it that went regionally viral on Facebook. I mean, two popular Texan brands, it's about time they collab right?

You can thank WFAA in Dallas for this idea, unfortunately, it's just an idea. WFAA's Digital Video Manager Nick Blackhall showed off his skills and brought some Blue Bell flavor concepts that would be "Texas Inspired" to life. Keep in mind that WFAA didn't try to mess with us, in fact in the article, they say that the flavors are totally made up, but Blackhall did such a good job, that many of us just got way too excited.

This picture already has over 4,600 shares which is clearly a good thing. If this collaboration actually happened we would definitely make sure that they sold out. Hey, Blue Bell and Buc-ee's please make this happen.

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