Bud's Glass Joint in Phoenix is certainly excited the Arizona Cardinals drafted the Honey Badger! They took out an ad in the Phoenix New Times to welcome him to the area.  Unfortunately for Mathieu, Bud's Glass Joint is a smoke/paraphernalia shop!  Exactly what the honey badger didn't need!

When Tyrann Mathieu was drafted last weekend, he stated in a live interview that he hasn't failed any drug tests in the last eight months and that he is moving forward from the events that caused him to be dismissed from the LSU football team and eventually thrown in jail for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

The ad from Bud's Glass Joint in a local Phoenix paper says "Honey Badger, Welcome to Phoenix!  We have what you're looking for."

This is exactly the sort of thing the Arizona Cardinals were NOT looking for when they drafted the Honey Badger!