As news broke on Monday of the New Orleans Saints and All-Pro defensive back Tyrann Mathieu agreeing to a contract, social media in south Louisiana was running rampant with reaction.

An LSU alum. New Orleans native. All-Pro at a position of need.

The fit is perfect, and whichever number Mathieu wears with the Saints, expect a ton of fans to be buying the jersey.

Mathieu has worn #32 throughout his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Tyrann Mathieu
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Backup defensive back Bryce Thompson currently wears #32 for the Saints but isn't guaranteed to make the team next season. He also can give up #32 without paying any kind of fee. Let's be honest, did you even know #32 was currently worn by anyone on New Orleans roster?

Social media users weren't asking Thompson to give up his jersey number, but plenty were suggesting Taysom Hill should give up his.

While Saints fans probably didn't realize a current player on the roster has #32, all Saints know who currently wears #7.

Taysom Hill
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

It's hard to believe Mathieu only wore #7 for one season at LSU, but it speaks to how impactful he was during the 2011 season.

As a true freshman, he wore #14. As a sophomore, he switched to #7, an iconic number for LSU football. It's given to a player who the team views as an elite playmaker.

For example, Mathieu, Patrick Peterson, Leonard Fournette, Grant Delpit, D.J. Chark, Ali Highsmith all sported #7.

Social media was quick to request Hill give up his jersey number and give it to Mathieu.

It's unlikely to happen, and here are two reasons why.

1. It costs a lot of money to change jersey numbers.

Hill would have to put in a request, then purchase all existing inventory of uniforms in order to change his number.

In other words, for every Taysom Hill jersey that's already been made but not sold, Hill would be responsible for buying it.

While it wouldn't cost Thompson anything to give up #32 since it's not sold anywhere, Hill jerseys are prevalent on gameday, in Saints stores, at, and across the states of Utah and Idaho.

For argument's sake, what if Mathieu was willing to foot the bill? There's a more important reason Hill likely wouldn't agree.

2. Hill wears #7 to honor his late brother Dexter.

Taysom's older brother Dexter passed away at age 31 after a battle with addiction.

While #7 is significant for LSU fans, any fan can understand why the death of a sibling would supersede a college tradition.

Hill is #7. As he should be.

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