The Honey Badger, probably one of the greatest nicknames in all of sports was bestowed upon Tyrann Mathieu during his playing days at LSU. The name came from a viral video that was circulating on YouTube at the time about an animal known as the "Honey Badger".  If you look closely at the badger and Mathieu's hairstyle during his playing days at LSU you can see why the name stuck.

**Warning-NSFW Language in the video***

Mathieu's style of play in the secondary for LSU also fit well with the honeybadger mantra as well. The viral video used the phrase "honey badger don't care" over and over. And, when it came to intercepting passes or making big hits on opposing players it was pretty clear that LSU's "honey badger" didn't care either.

As you might imagine football fans in Louisiana were pretty excited to hear that Mathieu would be returning to his native New Orleans to play for the Saints. I think a lot of football fans in Louisiana would love to see the great players from LSU just slide down I-10 a few miles to suit up on Sunday in Black and Gold. I know I sure wouldn't mind seeing Joe Burrow and Ja' Marr Chase with a flower on their helmets.

Chris Graythen, Getty Images
Chris Graythen, Getty Images

But, those are just football dreams. Here is football reality. If you're a fan of Tyrann Mathieu you can now get the official unofficial honey badger shirt from BreakingT.

If you look closely you can see a honey pot and yes, that does appear to be a badger. And for those of you who really looked close, yeah those are chat emojis. But, what the heck, they get the point across. And as a supporter of The Honey Badger you shouldn't care.

But if you do care enough to purchase one of these shirts they'll cost you $32.00. The shirt is officially licensed by the NFLPA and sizes range from Small to 3XL. The BreakingT website suggests the shirt is designed for a "snug fit". As someone who wears 2XL shirts, I can tell you, that everything is snug in my world.

The shirt is also available in women's sizes with a v-neck collar and youth sizes too. You can even get a hoodie if your heart desires. And if you have other Saints fans you're attempting to impress, you might look at these great gift ideas.

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