As the New Orleans Saints prepare for what should be an exciting season, recent activity on social media got a little too exciting for some members of the #WhoDatNation. Louisiana-grown Tyrann Mathieu recently deleted a cryptic Twitter post and it sparked some pretty confusing rumors for Saints fans.

Saints, Twitter
Saints, Twitter

As Saints fans gear up for Week 1 of the NFL season, some concern recently grew out of a Twitter post that was shared and subsequently taken down by a Louisiana favorite, Tyrann Mathieu.

New Orleans Saints' Tyrann Mathieu Deletes Tweet

Check out a screenshot of the deleted post from Mathieu via @SenorBrillobox on Twitter below.

The deleted post from @Mathieu_ Era reads, "The only job where youth beats out experience without actually being better".

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Tyrann Mathieu's Deleted Tweet Sparks Confusing Saints Rumors

After receiving a fantastic three-year deal with the Saints, homegrown talent Tyrann Mathieu was seemingly ecstatic to make the return to Louisiana. The extended contract pointed toward the "Honeybadger" playing a serious part in the team's plans for at least the near future.

Some even threw out the idea that Mathieu would not be in the starting lineup for the Saints Week 1, saying that he was speaking about himself in the post. That wouldn't make much sense considering the great contract the team just delved out to the "Honeybadger" combined with his solid performance throughout the pre-season.

But, with it being the tensest week of the year for NFL players - fans will be reading into any fodder that may give a hint as to which direction their team is headed. In fact, the Saints have made multiple cuts as they trim the team down to its regular season 53-man roster.

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Some believed that Mathieu's Twitter post was in regard to #WhoDatNation fan-favorite CJ Gardner-Johnson, who has now been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. While the theory could make sense, with CJGJ being a fellow defensive back to Mathieu, that is not what the Tweet was in reference to.

Tyrann Mathieu Explains Deleted Tweet that Sparked Confusing Saints Rumors

Mathieu has since cleared the air about his deleted Tweet, saying that the post had nothing to do with the Saints.

The Saints defensive back went back to Twitter after @nick_underhill of New Orleans Football Network threw out his thoughts.

When @NOHitmen_11 threw out a theory, Mathieu jumped in to make the cryptic Tweet clear once and for all.

According to @Mathieu_Era he was talking about his friend, Tony Jefferson, who was cut from the Ravens.

Mathieu has been in the NFL for quite some time and has definitely created some solid friendships over the years. This seems to be just an instance of the Saint feeling for one of his friends who had been cut.

Saints' Tyrann Mathieu Says 'Goodbye' to Twitter

While the "Honeybadger" has cleared up the confusion, it seems as though the social media drama was enough to make him say goodbye to Twitter for a while.

It's nice to see Mathieu get the distraction that is Twitter out of the way before the regular season starts. While this whole ordeal began with him speaking his mind on a friend in the league who got cut, it seems as though the Saints' safety understands that online discourse only leads to more distractions.

Facebook via WDSU News
Facebook via WDSU News

So here's to Tyrann Mathieu having a stellar first year rocking the Black & Gold, even if that means we don't get to hear from him on Twitter.

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