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The Shreveport horror machine keeps going. There have been plenty of movies made in the Shreveport market, and as we've looked at before, a large portion of them seem to be horror movies.

That's not a bad thing either.

Horror movies are big business. They may not be the most popular films in the box office, but that doesn't mean that they don't make any money. In fact, horror movies usually do pretty well with their total profits, because they don't always cost as much to make as something like "superhero" movies.

In Shreveport, the movie industry has slowed a noticeable amount over the last 15 years. But it is still rolling forward, just slower. While it does keep moving forward, so do the horror movies being made here.

Over the last couple years, even during the pandemic, horror movies were filmed in Shreveport. Its not just that they were made here, but they've got some pretty decent user ratings on IMDB too.

So we've mixed them in with our ongoing list of Shreveport-filmed horror movies, and updated our annual list. So check out the 18 Highest Rated Horror Movies Filmed in Shreveport (based on IMDB User Ratings):

Highest Rated Horror Movies Filmed In Shreveport

Our ratings and location information all come from IMDB

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