Nobody wants to be pulled over by police when you're driving. Not that we have to explain it, but there are many reasons why it sucks. First, you know something has probably gone wrong, and you're getting a ticket...or worse. Second, you're about to get delayed...traffic stops generally aren't fast, so you're going to be late to wherever you're going. Also, its embarrassing.

There are are ton a of other reasons people could throw out for why they don't want to get pulled over by police, but the point is it sucks. In fact, I can't think of a single positive outcome.


So you want to make sure you do everything in your power when driving to avoid getting the attention of police officers. Its easy to not go full Grand Theft Auto Vice City out there, but there are little things that can actually get you on the radar too. For example, radar.

Speeding is the #1 reason people get pulled over when driving. Which isn't really a surprise. It's also something you have direct control over, unless there's a speed trap of course.

Other top reasons people get pulled over include distracted driving from mobile devices, wild lane changes, and tailgating. All of these things are super easy to avoid. Actually, you could say that these are easier to control than speeding, because I've never heard of an "erratic lane change trap" on roads.


But there are things that will get you pulled over that you might not even be aware of. How many people walk around their car before they start heading out to make sure all of the elements of their vehicle are working perfectly? Unless you have a personal pit crew in your driveway, it probably doesn't happen.

So lets check out 6 things on your car that can get you a ticket in Texas...

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