The perceived threat of a change in our nation's 2nd Amendment rights has many across the nation and across Louisiana heading to their local gun shop or sporting good store to make a purchase before the final votes are in.

According to a report in the Washington Post, gun sales have been steady all year long across the nation. There has been a significant jump in those sales from September to October. That report featured on showed an 18% increase in gun sales over that time period.

The reason? The election.

There are some across the country the see the rise in gun purchases as an ominous warning. They feel that this means a better threat for post-election violence across the nation. There was also a similar spike in gun sales with the same perceived threat during the election years of 2008 and 20012.

Stores that sell guns and firearms specialty shops across Louisiana say that their business has been up for the past few months as well. Some places have attributed that to the election cycle. However, most places are saying that the increase in sales is a seasonal event as many hunters across Louisiana are getting  ready for the upcoming seasons.

A reminder that carrying a weapon around a polling place is really a bad idea. It's such a bad idea that you could wind up in the back of a police car and spend a little time in jail. You would think we wouldn't have to mention that but we do. It's because there will be people who will do that and it's against Louisiana Law.



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