One of the most common occurrences that I have ever witnessed in my years living in Texas and Louisiana is seeing a woman pull cash, credit cards, a drivers license, and even a roll of quarters out of her bra in the checkout line.  I don't even bat an eye when I see a lady make change under her shirt - it's just normal, I guess.  Imagine the surprise on all of the folks faces from the American South when they got to merry old England and they saw all of the signs banning "boob money" outright.

It seems our limey friends have had enough of the American tradition of keeping your personal effects in your private area.  The sun reports that the record heatwave the UK is currently experiencing (highest temperature 91 degrees Fahrenheit) is adding an extra layer of ewwwww to cash local shop owners have been given.  The shop owners place the blame squarely on the Yanks - and the fact that all that freedom stank is smeared thoroughly across the portrait of their beloved queen that adorns all of their folding (read:Bra friendly) probably has them upset too.

All joking aside, it is pretty nasty when you think about it.  What do you think?

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